Old Video Games

I’m just wondering if you buy the old video games within the Eshop database like for the Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Switch, for example? For me, I like playing old video games that I haven’t played for a loooong time. However, that would mean I can’t sell the system because it’s indebted within it, although for me, I don’t mind.

I have the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. For the Nintendo 3DS, I so far have the old Pokémon games as well as Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 in which I play time-to-time. My Wii U is still recently new and it only has the Super Mario World and Mario Kart Circuit so far.

It’s pretty fun playing the Wii U cause I can re-live the old games since it’s hooked on my television, while the 3DS I’ll play when I travel. I don’t have the Nintendo Switch yet, and I am thinking of getting one of the systems.

I only play like 2 hours a day whenever I have the time. That usually means before sleeping at times. I don’t play that much every day anyway, so re-living these games is fun.


Online Social Media

Social Media nowadays is taken over our lives in a somewhat matter. You can stay on Facebook or even Twitter for more than an hour doing whatever you want to do on their instead of just going out and doing your own thing.

I agree that staying on social media the whole day isn’t healthy, but for me, for instance, I don’t stay on Facebook or Twitter unless I’m talking with a family or friend. I’m usually reading offline fanfiction stories on my phone and I do check on my status time-to-time as well as messages.

I even read news on social media as sometimes on there it would be my own time as sometimes the news on television isn’t really at the time that I want it to be. Back then during high school, MySpace was such a big thing, but it wasn’t that a huge deal like Facebook nowadays.

Even back then I wasn’t into social media but I do update my status whenever I have the time or if I want to. Just be careful on who you may be talking to online. Even though my classmates has Facebook from high school, I don’t add them on mine since I don’t even know them that well, just the ones that I’ve known.

It amazes me when I see people that has over 200+ friends / family on their account. I’m like, awe. Don’t stay too long on social media, it will take over you at some point but it could also get boring.

Who here has social media?

Royal Princess Cruise?

Has anyone gone to Royal Princess Cruise? I’ve been to many cruises but this would be the first medallion cruise that I’m going. I hear that Royal Princess is an awesome cruise ship but I am not sure about the medallion. Can you get the medallion within the pier check-in?

Will Royal Princess give you the option to get the cruise card? I’m collecting the cruise cards whenever I go on cruises and it is an awesome souvenir to have, it would be a bummer if I don’t get one.

I’m going to have the internet, classic soda package and the all-inclusive photo package. Are there photographers all around the cruise ship? I’ll be going to a September Alaska cruise (southbound) heading to Vancouver, Canada. I’m hoping to take a picture up on the deck once the ship is sightseeing on the glaciers, it’s been almost 20 years the last time I’ve gone to Alaska. I was only a kid back then, but now, I’m an adult.

What is there to do on the Royal Princess? I want to try and do it when I have the time because I think there’s only 2 sea days in our itinerary? How’s the SeaWalk? Were you able to get a good picture of the SeaWalk or is there a photographer there as well?

I really can’t wait to see the cruise!!!

Weirdest Fanfiction Pairing That You Like?

I read plenty of fanfiction stories ever since I’ve found out about fanfiction in the beginning, but the weirdest pairing that I might like? Is probably the pairing: Ganondorf/Zelda. Am I the only one that likes that pairing for the Zelda series?

I know before I did liked the pairing of Link/Zelda, but I guess it’s normal for the Zelda game series that the hero would get the girl, you know? There’s something about the pairing of Ganondorf/Zelda that I like besides being like a dark pairing of somewhat.

I just started being into the Zelda video game series again and that is the pairing that I started to like. I started playing Zelda Breath of the Wild like a month ago so that is why my fandom muse is back for that series.

What do you like? I just wish that there’s more stories of Ganondorf/Zelda pairing as there’s just so few of them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read that pairing: dark and light? If you know any good stories of that pairing, let me know!

Fantastic Beasts or Harry Potter?

For any Harry Potter fans that been watching the movies since it came out in theater back in 2001, are you also watching the Fantastic Beasts movies? I’ve seen many online comments and articles that Harry Potter fans prefer Harry Potter over Fantastic Beats.

You have to see it though that the storylines are quite different and shouldn’t be the same. Fantastic Beasts is prior to the adventures of Harry Potter and tells the story of Newt. Sure the first movie of Fantastic Beasts was quite boring, but it was only the first movie and with the second one, it was more darker with Grindelwald.

I still remember that after watching the first movie of Fantastic Beasts from cinema, I hear a kid beside me saying, “I still like the Harry Potter movies better!” The newer generation wouldn’t understand that much if they haven’t watched all 8 movies of Harry Potter.

It’s funny though that those that watched Harry Potter in theater is now adults, but ever since the Wizarding World came upon us in Universal Studios, people thinks that it’s more of the newer generation who understands Harry Potter. If you know what I mean?

I watch both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts as I wanted to see where they would lead the Fantastic Beasts movies and it is awesome on seeing young characters from the Harry Potter era again in that point.

Harry Potter Movies

Even though the Harry Potter movies ended in theater roughly 8 years ago about, the movies itself are never too old to watch. Who still watches the movies whenever he/she has the time to do so?

I haven’t seen the movies for months and I’ve decided to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince again. Reason? I wanted to see more of Severus Snape and the sixth movie has him in more scenes besides the last one.

Just like the part where Snape was watching the scene between Lavender and Hermione in the infirmary when Ron gotten sick. His like, “get me out off here” look as he watches the scene before him.

The only thing that I didn’t like is that, the movie didn’t went by with the book that much. The book has more details on Snape’s family, but the movie itself has barely any information. It is the one reason that the movie isn’t my favorite but the book is.

Do you still watch the Harry Potter movies? I’m still a fan ever since the first movie came in theater. Hopefully the third movie of Fantastic Beasts would be released soon.

Looking For A Particular Story…

I’m looking for a particular reading story from the author Rakina. Has anyone gotten a story called “The Marked Man?” It is a Harry Potter yaoi story and has the pairing of Harry/Severus. It used to be on HPFandom and several websites, but I think Rakina has somewhat deleted the story quite a long time ago.

If you have saved the story please let me know down in the comments. I’m also looking for other stories from HPFandom that was closed before and if that story isn’t already indebted in Ao3 achieve.

It’s rather quite sad that Rakina deleted her stories as many readers are a fan of hers and would like to read them again. Whoever and wherever Rakina is, your stories were absolutely awesome and I enjoyed reading them. I hope one day you will upload them again so that many new readers of fanfiction would find it.